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They are Kaposvár accomodations. The presentation of Kaposvár. The sights of Kaposvár.

Kaposvár Somogy county seat. Kapos was built on two of his sides going on in a city's wonderful natural environment occupies a position.



Csiky Gergely Theatre

Was being built in 1911, spectacular, building with a secessionist style, Magyar Ede and Stahl József plans on his basis. A flowery park extends around.

Csiky Gergely Theatre, one of the considerable scenes of the Hungarian theatrical life. The prosaic and the institution lays a big emphasis on the child lectures beside musical pieces creating the young persons' cultural opportunity.

Csiky Gergely Színház Kaposvár

Apart from this considerable the city from a year onto a year organizing the programs of a roundabout, which attract many visitors, into the city and recreation is offered for the city dwellers.

The showroom of timely fine art exhibitions is a Kaposvár gallery.

Roman Catholic church

1737 and was being built between 1744, with two facade towers. Tandor Ottó changed it in a neo-Romanesque style in 1886, and today the church an bigger, four smaller town and two even lower pinnacles ornaments it. The forefront worked up stepwise is his characteristic part.

Római katolikus templom

Art gallery of Somogy

Periodical derivational suffix- and the showroom of applied art exhibitions.

The ruins of the castle

Kapos was being built in the floodplain of a former castle going on today already csak a romjai vannak meg. The castle not onto so much his wall it was protected, rather the marsh extending around and swamp. The Turkish occupied it in 1555, and dominated it through 133 years. Onto later Vienna's command it was necessary to demolish the walls standing yet. The residues came to light in 1931 first. For the mediaeval life of Kaposvár this his important memory was revealed later, it was preserved then, the neighbourhood was landscaped.

Vaszary house

Vaszary János was born here in 1867 painter. The house is a memorial plaque on his wall. The constant exhibition presenting his painting oeuvre was furnished in the house. Vaszary János Székely Bertalan was his pupil, went to Munich and Paris then. On his pictures all the social message, the First World War all appears with the dramatic strengths of suffering caused by.

Vaszary-ház Kaposvár

Gold lion pharmacy

The first pharmacy of Kaposvár was being built in 1774, in a baroque style. His facade the XIX. it was changed in a romantic style in a century's second party.

Rippl-Rónai fork

The painter was his apartment house, works as a museum today.

With a baroque origin, the XIX. it was changed in an eclectic style in a century's second party.

Rippl-Rónai villa

Old county hall

Today museum, for the common good inscription building a classicist was being built in a style between 1828-1832.

Calvary chapel

He was being built in an eclectic style in 1893.



The bath from the city's centre onto 10-15 minutes, behind Jókai liget, picturesque, with good air, in spacious environment, some 50 thousand lie on a square metre landscaped area.
Was fitted out modernly, in a modern building may bathe the guests who elect Kaposvár City Spa.


The local medicinal water alkali chloride and hydrogen carbonate thermal water, that bromine, implies iodine and a fluoride ion. By virtue of his combination organ of locomotion sicknesses, reumatikus complaints, state after thrombosis,muscle lasting long, onto the cure of myasthenia, fractures, cartilage injuries and accident injuries are suitable for his after treatment, but gynaecological treatments which can be used successful. Applicable drinking cure, in this case gyomor- and onto intestinal catarrh, and onto gall-bladder diseases good.

His constructors taking a bath the claims of all age groups they tried to be before an eye working up the pools on his row. The ones desiring to heal and from the aim of the health conservation bather guests Thermal pools, the ones desiring to do sports swimming pools, while paddling pools wait for the young persons. In the bath various therapeutic-, and wellness services into a claim purchasable, than underwater whirlpool bath and remedial gymnastics, gyógy-úszás, gyógy-masszázs, sauna, hairdressing, chiropody, manicure. There is a sport opportunity on the area of the bath, than for example the table tennis, foot tennis, football.

Photos from the settlement

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