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2006. June 02., Friday
Kőszegi accomodations, accomodation. Kőszeg sights.

Kőszeg re visitors call Kőszeg Hungary's jewel box, where always worthy to recur. All this the beautiful environment, the subalpine climate, for the innumerable historical memories due.

Kőszeg from his rich historical traditions, from his historical buildings preserved in a state not offended quasi turned into famous one. The honour cash register, into which it is possible to put the price of the vegetable put out in front of the gates and fruit, is a single phenomenon possibly on Hungary.

The people living here are reliable hospitable people.



Jurisics castle

The former landlord castle settles down in the northwest pole of the downtown surrounded with a city wall and a moat. A separate open ditch separated it from the rest of the city's parts yet. Before the entrance of the castle settling down waits open ditch, surrounded it. The inside castle irregular quadrangle form, two of his sides coincide with the lines of the city wall.  

It waits his form and his placement, mutual totally independent the city walls and from streets' system.This with it explicable, that the current city construction taking shape already it existed waits.

Jézus Szíve parish church

A Jézus Szíve parish church stands in the capital space estuary of the castle circle. former Korona koffehouse was built on his place, in a neo - Gothic style, 1892-1894-ben. Vienna Ludwig Schöne was his designer. The hall church three-nave, with a mangled transept. His sanctuary sokszögzáródású. The church's 57 metre towers are superior to the entrance facade, beside it visible two tree tower. One of the beautiful details of the church's facade are the entrances of the left side side aisle. The broken parapet wall gallery settles down in the church interior above the entrance. His lilac prepared in 1894, Rieger the work of siblings' firm.

Between the church's fixtures can be found beautiful mediaeval and baroque goldsmith works, which they were in the saint Jakab church early.

Heros's gate

City hall street the heros's gate ends. The tower of the gate in 1932, the Turkish it was built up on the 400. anniversary of a siege in an eclectic style, Opaterny Flóris plans on his basis. The former underwear gate was the most important object of the city protection system and the downtown traffic. The fact that he is standing for a Öreg tower on the noon West pole indicates his significance (Zwinger) than an exterior positional bastion had to shield the Alsó gate from the offensive enemy.

Múzeum works since 1977 in the today's heros's tower, Jurisics Miklós Museum onto constant exhibitions, and his halls which are suitable for temporary exhibitions can be found here. It is possible to quit onto the exterior panorama corridor of the tower from his supremer hall. The occasional tower music begins to sound today on bigger holidays from this balcony corridor. 

City hall

On city hall hungary possibly the only public building like that, that from his formation the today's day kept his original function.

You are Stadthaus the local governmental building of the city at which wide municipal rights are between 1328-1876, which is the public administration, was senate house from his 1876 reform 1949 provided place to the mayor's offices.

Than the centre of the city's all-time public life, the former main square was attached lucky, the inner marketplace (today Jurisics place) to his life..



Sgraffitós-house on a name on most known Kőszeg the Jurisics place 7 sz. his house. His name from the decoration which can be seen on the facade last. (The essence of this decoration manner, that onto the wall you are two more, different coloured layer of mortar is laid, then the top, clearer layer it is removed according to the desired sample. This procedure coming from Italy on Kőszeg much it was applied.)

City well

The former city well is one of Jurisics place ornament. The city established it in 1766 on the place of a previous chain well to which written data prove his former existence. The pigtail style, a well house with a delicate proportion was closed in the past century originally prepared according to the evidence of photographs, and window shutters covered the window-like slots. Between 1818-1824 classicist the slots transformed it with his opening in a style.

Saint Imre church

The church was ready between 1615-1618. Onto his building single Walent Marx name kirschlag a contract was tied with an Austrian master builder. In the church's today's form gothicizing, late Renaissance building.


Trinity sculpture

The sculpture was raised to the memory of overcoming the plague in 1713. The kőszegi plague sculpture one for the earliest Hungary Trinity sculptures. The work with a triple division: from a pedestal (posztamens), consists of a column and a sculpture. the octagonal, articulate pedestal hopped out the sculpture of four saints rises on his poles. Ahead, we see saint Rókus with a walking staff on right side, at his foot with a dog, on a left SAN Sebastian an ancient Christian martyr's shape pierced with arrows visible.

Mária sculpture

Jurisics place with an elliptical line, the Mária sculpture stands on his part emphasized stepwise. The sculpture was being made in 1739, Lorenz Eisenköbel was a Sopron stonecutter master's work, who the city against the Mária cult protester protestánsokra rejected from a fine paid for.


Source: Kőszeg city website www.koszeg.hu




Hotel *** Írottkő Kőszeg

Hotel *** Írottkő Kőszeg


Hotel*** Írottkő - located at the romantic main square of Kőszeg - is the most famous and highest capacity hotel of the town since 1979...
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Alpokalja Panzió Kőszeg


Barátságos, családias hangulatú panziónk Kőszegen az Alpok lábánál található, festõi látványt nyújtva a Kõszegi hegységre...
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